Dutch Style Hardwood Cheese Press

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Hand Crafted Hardwood DUTCH STYLE CHEESE PRESS   

Easy to Assemble- Custom made from Hardwood  

by Verde Valley Supply LLC

(NO Plywood or Pressboard !)

Press hard cheeses - up to 100 lbs pressing weight 

Small Footprint - does not take up as much room as many cheese presses:  Base is 20" x 9" 

Hang Water Bottle Weights (or other weights) from one or more handle slots to add pressure.

Slots are numbered '3', '4', and '4.5' -  multiple the weight on the slot X slot number. 

Example: 6 lbs weight from slot 4 = 24 lbs;   6 lbs weight on both slots 3 and 4 =    (6 x 3) + (6 x 4) = 42 lbs pressing weight


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INCLUDED with your Dutch Style Cheese Press:

  • Black Draining Tray with insert(see photos- fits our Dutch Cheese Press & also useful for soft cheese draining) which includes an insert for use with other cheese moulds such as bottomless hoop style moulds. (Insert holds the curds inside the mould while allowing whey to drain via small grooves in the insert)
  • 1 each Water Bottle Weight and Hook